How to Make a Backyard Deck Look Brand New Again

Your backyard deck can take a beating, especially if it’s built with redwood, but there’s a good chance you can make it look brand-new again. The weather, kids, and pets all take their toll. The construction company offered some valuable advice on how to maintain the beauty and functionality of their deck.


While decks can be expensive, there are a number of repairs you can do at home. A two-part epoxy, available in a putty-like compound, can be applied to rotten or warped boards and sanded to smooth the surface once hardened. These materials can range from $8-$12 for a half-quart to as much as $200 for a gallon and can be used for both interior and exterior repairs. To learn more, visit

Using pressure-treated lumber for decks is a popular choice because it is lightweight and does not rot. Cedar, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of maintenance. However, it is still a great choice for many people. It is also very strong and long-lasting, but it does require more upkeep.

Before you begin repair work, make sure you have the right tools to do the job right. A tape measure is essential. Also, a shovel can be useful in moving soil and repairing a deck. A drill with a cordless or corded cord will help you tighten loose screws and secure replacement planks. You can also use an electric sander to smooth out damaged areas.

If you’re considering a deck repair, it’s important to understand whether or not you’ll need to get a permit. Minor repairs don’t require a permit, but structural repairs may. A city permit is typically required if you’re planning to put up stairs or railings on your deck. If you get a permit, the city will send an inspector to inspect your deck. A permit typically costs $30 or more, and it may increase the contractor’s cost.

If you’re in doubt about the extent of damage that you need to repair, it’s a good idea to hire an expert. While minor blemishes can be addressed by yourself, major structural problems will require a professional to fix them. You should take the time to thoroughly inspect your deck and get the necessary materials and tools. If you notice any rot, take care of it immediately. Otherwise, it can spread throughout the deck and cause additional problems.

A deck is a great addition to a home, and it’s an excellent place for entertaining guests. However, it is always subject to wear and tear. Extensive foot traffic, UV rays, insects, and freeze-and-thaw cycles can all cause damage. In time, your deck will need repairs and replacement. If it’s more than ten years old, you might want to consider replacing it entirely.

A simple repair for a loose railing or loose staircase can make your deck look great again. Wood glue or deck screws can help fix wobbly joints or reinforce weak spots. A more expensive option is to replace the entire railing with a new one. Remember to match the style and height of the old railing. The new railing should be attached to the deck with deck screws.

The ledger board, which supports your deck, is often damaged by rotting joists. If the board has rotted, you can replace it with a new one – but make sure to check for rusty nails on the joist hangers. A new deck post is another good option. Ensure that the screws used for joist hangers are angled properly to prevent sagging. You can even use bar clamps to draw warped boards into position.

Professional deck repair companies can help you save time and money by estimating how much material will be needed. A professional contractor can also negotiate bulk prices on materials. The majority of homeowners find it cheaper to hire a contractor than to do it themselves. They have a large volume of work and can get bulk discounts on materials. A good deck repair company will take the time to assess the damage and determine the best course of action. When hiring a contractor to perform repairs, it’s best to check their background and insurance coverage.

You can also choose to do the repair yourself. If the problem is minor, you can fix it yourself, which can save you money over hiring a professional. If the problem is mold-related, you can remove the mold yourself and apply an epoxy compound to the area. The cost of the epoxy compound can be as high as $65 per quart, so it’s better to get quotes from three different contractors.